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2024 Winter Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation Interviews Ambassador of Turkey to China H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa

时间:2024-2-14 13:16:44

核心提示:土耳其共和国是一个横跨亚欧大陆两洲的国家, 土耳其地理位置和地缘政治战略意义极为重要, 是连接欧亚的十字路口, 在政治、经济、文化等领域均实行欧洲模式, 土耳其是北约成员国, 是欧盟的候选国, 也是经济合作与发展组织创始会员国和二十国集团的成员。拥有雄厚的工业基础, 为世界新兴经济体之一, 亦是全球...

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)欢迎率小记者团到大使馆采访的中外新闻社总裁韦燕

    (中外新闻社小记者 曾家皓 田新羽 郭优墨 姚霖悦 蔡易雯)土耳其共和国是一个横跨亚欧大陆两洲的国家, 土耳其地理位置和地缘政治战略意义极为重要, 是连接欧亚的十字路口, 在政治、经济、文化等领域均实行欧洲模式, 土耳其是北约成员国, 是欧盟的候选国, 也是经济合作与发展组织创始会员国和二十国集团的成员。拥有雄厚的工业基础, 为世界新兴经济体之一, 亦是全球发展最快的国家之一。2024年2月2日下午, “见证友谊” --中外新闻社小记者团前往大使馆采访采访土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔•穆萨阁下, 真真切切感受中国和土耳其青少年不同文化和思维方式的融合, 明白下一代交往一定会助力“一带一路”未来。
    The Republic of Turkey is a country that connects the continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey's geographic location and geopolitical significance are extremely important, connecting Europe and Asia. It is practicing the European model in many fields, including politics, economy, and culture. Turkey is a member state of NATO, a candidate country of the European Union, and a founding member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as a member of the Group of Twenty (G20). With a strong industrial base, Turkey is one of the world's emerging economies and one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. In the afternoon of February 2, 2024, 2024 Winter Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation had an interview with the Ambassador of Turkey to China H.E. Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa. All junior journalists really felt the integration of different cultures and ways of thinking between Chinese and Turkish youths, and realized that the next generation's interaction will definitely contribute to the future of the "Belt and Road".

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)向中外新闻社总裁韦燕介绍土耳其国家的教育模式

    小记者正式采访前, 土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔•穆萨阁下向小记者介绍了土耳其国家, 他说, 我非常欢迎中国的小记者到访土耳其驻华大使馆, 作为“一带一路”共建国家, 中国和土耳其都有着源远流长、延绵至今的历史文化, 文明交流互鉴、商业贸易往来从未中断, 并在21世纪书写着新的篇章。
    Before the interview, Ambassador of Turkey to China H.E. Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa introduced Turkey to the junior journalists and said, “I am very glad to welcome the junior journalists from different cities of China to visit the Embassy of Turkey in Beijing! Both China and Turkey have a long history and culture, and the exchange of civilizations and commercial and trade relations have never been interrupted and we are writing a new chapter in the 21st century.

  郭优墨小记者就感兴趣的问题向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)提问

    有小记者问:“您好, 尊敬的大使阁下!我们小记者能采访您感到非常高兴。您是一位出色的外交官, 拥有近三十年的外交经验:你曾任土耳其外交部公民和教育事务的总干事、土耳其驻比利时王国大使、土耳其驻法国大使, 也拥有博士学位, 你是我们小记者崇拜的外交官。作为驻华大使, 你认为:两国青少年, 将如何传承中土建交53年来的宝贵友谊?谢谢!”
    A junior journalist asked: “Hello, Dear Ambassador! It is a great pleasure for us to have this interview with you. You are an outstanding diplomat with almost thirty years of diplomatic experience: you have served as the Director General of Civic and Educational Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, as the Ambassador of Turkey to Belgium and France. You also have a PhD degree, and we are very impressed by your diplomatic and educational background. As the Ambassador to China, how do you think the youth of the two countries will carry on the precious friendship between China and Turkey over the past 53 years of diplomatic relations? Thank you!”

  曾家皓小记者就感兴趣的问题向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)提问

    穆萨大使谈到, 土耳其的青少年大都会从历史课本上学到土耳其与中国在数千年前的往来和历史, 无处不在的中国商品也影响着他们对当今中国的认知。还有两国教育机构之间的合作很有必要, 两个国家的青少年就可以更好的去了解彼此, 我们的家长也可以跟着孩子们一起加入到这个交流当中。穆萨大使表示, 希望能看到更多土耳其青少年和中国的青少年“双向奔赴”, 这样促进两国关系更加紧密。土耳其是最早支持共建“一带一路”的国家之一, 在双方共同努力下, “一带一路”倡议与土耳其“中间走廊”计划深度对接, 务实合作成果不断落地。你们现在年龄还小, 但是下一代两国青少年的交往一定会助力“一带一路”未来。
    Ambassador Musa said that most of the young people in Turkey learn about Turkey's history with China from thousands of years ago, and many Chinese goods in Turkey today also influences their perception of China. There is also a need for cooperation between the educational institutions of both countries so that the youth of both countries can get to know each other better, and our parents can join in this exchange together with their children. Ambassador Musa expressed his hope to see more "two-way trips" between Turkish and Chinese youths to promote closer ties between the two countries. Turkey is one of the earliest countries to support the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". Through the joint efforts of both sides, the "Belt and Road" initiative and Turkey's "Middle Corridor" program developed in-depth connection with pragmatic and practical results. You are still young, and the exchanges of next generation will further promote a better future for “Belt and Road”.

  蔡易雯小记者向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)介绍自己的学校和本人的爱好

    “您好大使阁下, 您曾学过中文, 你说‘中国的每个汉字都有自己的故事, 理解汉字背后的意思对学好中文很有帮助。’” 中国是你的第二故乡, 你确实是中国人民的老朋友和好朋友, 请你谈谈您对中国的印象。谢谢!”小记者问。
    “Hello Mr. Ambassador, you have studied Chinese language, and you said, ‘Every Chinese character has its own story, and understanding the meaning behind the characters is very helpful to learn Chinese well.’ China is like your second hometown, and you have many old friends and good friends here, so please tell us your impression of China. Thank you!” another junior journalist asked.

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同刘乐奕等小记者握手致意

    穆萨大使同小记者分享了自己学中文的“诀窍”, 他说, 其实我很早就开始学习中文, 我加入了一个6个星期的集训, 等于就是说能够在短的时间里力争能够把中文学会, 所以在那段时间里, 我吃饭也想着学习中文, 睡觉也想着学习中文, 连做梦都是用中文来说, 但是我觉得中文其实真的是一个比较难学习的语言, 不过通过学习中文能够了解更多的中国文化, 然后让自己在“驻华大使”职位的工作上更好的开展。
    Ambassador Musa shared his tips in learning Chinese with the junior journalists. He said, in fact, I started to learn Chinese very early, I joined a 6-week intensive training program, which means that I can strive to learn Chinese in a short period of time, so during that period of time, I think about learning Chinese while having my meals, taking naps and even speaking Chinese in my dreams. However, I think that Chinese is actually a really difficult language to learn, but I can understand more about the Chinese culture through learning Chinese language, and then let myself work better in the position of the "Ambassador to China".

  方礼辰小记者向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)赠送中国文化礼品

    穆萨大使刚上任“驻华大使”职位时, 第一个想到的就是大中国, 他说, 中国什么都大, 国土大, 房子大, 经济的体量大, 就是很多东西都是跟“大”有关, 中国的每个汉字确实都有自己的故事, 我到任之后, 我有去过了七个省份的16个城市, 所有的中国人表现出对我都是一个极致的友好, 这让我非常感动。
    When Ambassador Musa first assumed the post of "Ambassador to China", the first thing that came to his mind was the “Big China”. He said, China is big in everything, big in land, big in houses, big in economic volume, that is, a lot of things are related to "big", and every Chinese character does have its own story, and after I arrived, I have been to 16 cities in 7 provinces, and all the Chinese people showed me an extreme friendliness, and this made me very touched.

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同杨毅城等小记者握手致意

    穆萨大使还就土耳其和文化和旅游、小学生的教育模式同小记者们展开交流, 穆萨大使还饶有兴趣的了解每一个小记者来自哪个城市?哪所学校?有哪些爱好?他诚挚的邀请小记者和家长、老师一定到土耳其旅游, 土耳其的历史景点、自然风光、美味的土耳其烤肉一定让你们不虚此行。
    Ambassador Musa also talked to the junior journalists about Turkish culture and tourism, and the education model of elementary school students, and he was interested in knowing which city each of the junior journalists came from and their schools and hobbies. He sincerely invited all junior journalists, their parents and teachers to visit Turkey, where the historical attractions, natural scenery and delicious Turkish barbecue will surely make your trip worthwhile.

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同姚霖悦小记者友好交流

    采访结束, 土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔•穆萨阁下在大使馆邀请全体小记者、老师共进晚餐。聆听土耳其音乐、观看土耳其旅游宣传片、品着土耳其美食, 最后, 穆萨大使为小记者们颁发优秀小记者证书, 小记者们度过了一个难忘的采访之旅, 临别合影时, 宾主双方齐声欢呼:中土友谊万岁……
    At the end of the interview, Ambassador of Turkey to China H.E. Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa invited all the junior journalists and teachers to have dinner together at the Embassy. Listening to Turkish music, watching Turkish tourism promotional films, tasting Turkish cuisine. Finally, Ambassador Musa presented certificates of “Outstanding Junior Journalist” to the delegation member. All junior journalists spent an unforgettable trip to Turkish Embassy. Before leaving the embassy, everyone cheered together sand said: the friendship between China and Turkey last forever......

  王林熙小记者向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)介绍自己的学校和本人的爱好

  中外新闻社副总裁张珈闻、副社长陈熹向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)介绍小记者团的阵容

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同吴凯航小记者握手致意

  杨毅城小记者向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)介绍自己的学校和本人的爱好

  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同小记者们友好交流

  田新羽小记者就感兴趣的问题向土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)提问


  土耳其驻华大使伊斯梅尔·穆萨阁下(H.E.Mr.Ismail Hakki Musa)同中外新闻社总裁韦燕及全体小记者欢聚一堂:中土友谊万岁

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