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“Witness Friendship” 2013 Summer Home & Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation Interviewing Belarus Embassy in China
“China is the best friend of Belarus”

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    Belarus is a landlocked country located in the Eastern Europe and known as the country of “Ten Thousands of Lakes”. August 7th, “Witness Friendship” 2013 Summer Home & Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation visited Belarus Embassy in China. The Minister Counsellor of Belarus Embassy Mr. Senyuta Vadim and the Press Counsellor joyfully accepted our interview.

    “Good morning Mr. Minister Vadim, thank you very much for accepting our interview. We have seen on television that Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visited China between July 15th and 17th. Both countries decided to establish comprehensive strategic partnership in many areas. One of the key initiatives is to expand the youth exchanges between the two countries. Please introduce some recent exchange programs among the Chinese and Belarus teenagers and how these programs are currently undertaken right now?”

    “中国是白俄罗斯最好的朋友,白俄罗斯也是中国值得高度信赖的伙伴。扩大两国青少年交往是中国和白俄罗斯双方决定建立全面战略伙伴关系中的一条,是把两国关系提高到一个新的水平。现在两国已经建立了一个工作组,对计划进行实施,青少年将来会成为国家的领导人,现在深化两国青少年的交流很有必要,白俄罗斯今年9月份有关人员要再次来中国研究具体的项目。” 瓦季姆先生回答说。
    “China is the best friend of Belarus and Belarus is the trustworthy and reliable partner to China. Expanding the youth exchanges between China and Belarus is a key consideration in establishing the comprehensive strategic partnership; it is an important step to improve the bilateral relationship between the two countries. Now, both countries already formed dedicated offices to oversee the programs and implement the action plans. Young people will become the countries’ leaders in the future; therefore, deepening the exchange and communication among the teenagers of China and Belarus is very important and necessary. Belarus will send more people to China again this September to analyze and run some particular programs in this matter.” Minister Vadim answered.

    “在2010年上海世博会上,白俄罗斯馆给我们小记者留下了深刻的印象,我们看到的白俄罗斯仿佛是东欧平原上的一颗明珠,享有“万湖之国”的美誉,请你谈谈白俄罗斯的旅游。” 小记者问。
    “In the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Belarus Pavilion left a great impression to all of us. We see Belarus as a pearl in Eastern Europe with the title of "Ten Thousand Lakes", would you please introduce Belarusian tourism to us?” junior journalist asked.

    “Belarus is located in the Eastern Europe. There are blue sky, white snow, green grassland and red buildings. Everything comes together to form a colorful picture. The country is known as the “Ten Thousands of Lakes” and it has 30% primeval forests and 8% nature reserves. Ecology and agriculture tourism are the best choices in the country. Visitors can enjoy the nature in the farms or forests.” He also introduced that Belarus will host the international hockey games next May and the capital city Minsk will have a trade show in Beijing to promote its tourism.


    “请问白俄罗斯与俄罗斯的区别在哪里?”小记者问。瓦季姆先生说, “这是两个截然不同民族和国家。白俄罗斯位于东欧平原西部的内陆国。俄罗斯是世界上面积最大的国家,地域跨越欧亚两个大洲。白俄罗斯有自己的语言,有自己的传统习俗,白俄罗斯之所以叫‘白俄罗斯’,传说我们的祖先是穿白色衣服,干净的意思。我们和俄罗斯关系非常密切,不受西方国家的影响。”
    “We want to know what the difference between Belarus and Russia is.” We asked. Minister Vadim said, “The two countries are totally different. Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe and Russia is the biggest country in the world connecting Europe and Asia. Belarus has its own language and well-kept traditions. Belarus is known as “white” because our ancestors always wear white clothes, that implies purity. We have very close relationship with Russia and this relationship never got influenced by the western countries.”

    “公使先生,白俄罗斯的小朋友喜欢一些什么运动?他们放学会有很多家庭作业吗?”、”白俄罗斯实施新的教育标准是否已经融入欧洲一体化教育进程?如果我们选择去白俄罗斯留學,会有哪些优势?” 对于小记者们的问题,谢纽塔•瓦季姆公使认真的做了回答。
    “Mr. Minister Counsellor, what kind of sports Belarus children enjoy to do? Do they have a lot of homework after school?” “Is the new education standard of Belarus integrated with the united European education development? If we want to study in Belarus, what are the advantages the country may offer?” junior journalists asked many questions and Minister Vadim was very kind to answer them one by one.

    To encourage the questions from the youngest journalists Lv Xinya and Peng Yirun, Minister Vadim specially awarded them the crystal balls and the stuffed animals from Belarus. Other members also received delicious Belarus chocolates. Junior journalists also presented their gifts to the host. The entire embassy was full of joy and laugh……


作者:陈艺文 小记者 周则君 宋昆鹏 岳贾浩榕 兰宛馨 祁 睿  来源:本网站

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