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"Witness of Friendship" Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation interviewed the Consul General of Iran in Guangzhou Mr. Hossein Darvishi

时间:2022-8-4 12:10:51

核心提示:2022年7月21日上午, “见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者如约采访伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西先生, 去探索波斯文化的奥秘。...

  中外新闻社总裁韦燕同伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西阁下(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)主持小记者采访会议

    (中外新闻社 中外新闻网 小记者)提到伊朗, 我们就感觉到它与别的国家不一样, 神秘、美丽, 国民团结、充满智慧。我们对伊朗仰慕已久, 因为波斯帝国古老璀璨的文化, 因为古丝绸之路, 以及精美绝伦的清真寺建筑, 都让我们心向往之! 2022年7月21日上午, “见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者如约采访伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西先生, 去探索波斯文化的奥秘。
    When taking about Iran, we feel that it is a very different country compared to others. It is mysterious, beautiful, united and full of wisdom. We have admired Iran for a long time because its ancient and splendid culture of the Persian Empire, the ancient Silk Road and the exquisite mosque architectures. On the morning of July 21, 2022, "Witness of Friendship" Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation interviewed the Consul General of Iran in Guangzhou Mr. Hossein Darvishi to explore the mystery Persian culture.


    伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西先生对中外新闻社小记者的到来非常期待, 他说, 今天能与中外新闻社的小记者--中国的下一代相聚, 我非常感动, 也非常感谢中外新闻社。中外新闻社总裁韦燕也在会见中致辞。韦燕说:今天我们非常开心, 因为我们也一直期待着能够来到伊朗驻广州总领事馆参访, 我们觉得伊朗和中国的孩子们会在两国关系一张白纸上画上最新最美的图画。
    The Consul General of Iran in Guangzhou, Mr. Hossein Darvishi, was very much looking forward to the arrival of Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation. He said that I am very moved to meet the Home and Abroad News Press junior journalists: the next generation of China today. Many thanks to Home and Abroad News Press. The President of Home and Abroad News Press Mrs. Wei Yan also delivered a speech at the beginning of the interview. She said that we are very happy today, because we have been looking forward to visiting the Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou for long time. We hope the children of Iran and China will draw the most beautiful pictures for the relationship between the two countries.

  张思仪小记者向达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事介绍自己的学校,希望学校与伊朗在文化、教育上有合作

    达瑞西总领事请小记者依次介绍自己, 他为小记者们的聪明、自信感到高兴。接着进入采访环节。小记者提问: “今年迎来中伊建交 51周年。你认为:两国青少年将如何接过“接力棒”、传承中伊宝贵的传统友谊?”
    Consul General Darvishi asked the junior journalists to introduce themselves one by one. He was surprised by their intelligence and self-confidence. During the interview session, a junior journalist asked: “This year marks the 51st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Iran. In your opinions, how will the youth of the two countries take over the "relay baton" and carry forward the precious traditional friendship between China and Iran?”

    达瑞西总领事说, 首先我认为, 两国的学生要懂得两国的历史, 历史是最好的老师, 只有走进历史, 对两国的民族文化有更深入的了解, 青少年才能更好开创两国美好的未来。
    Consul General Darvishi said that first of all, I think that students from both countries should learn about the history of the two countries because history is the best teacher. Only when they deeply understand the history and the unique national cultures, then the younger generations can create a better future for both countries.

  江嘉颖小记者就感兴趣的问题向伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西先生(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)提问

    有小记者问: “目前伊朗在华留学生总数已超过 3000人。中国有20家伊朗学研究中心, 14 所中国高校开设了波斯语专业。随着中伊友好关系的不断深化, 伊朗和中国在教育领域还有哪些合作空间?”
    Another junior journalist asked: “Currently, the total number of Iranian students studying in China has exceeded 3,000. There are 20 Iranian study centers in China, and 14 Chinese universities have Persian langrage programs. With the continuous deepening of Sino-Iran friendly relations, what are the cooperative opportunities in the field of education between Iran and China?”

    “语言是世界各民族之间交流的重要工具, 我们应该努力让两国人民的青少年学习对方的语言, 现伊朗有好几所大学教汉语, 中国的十几所大学也开设了波斯语专业, 所以应该进一步推进两国语言领域的发展进程。在我们推进两国教育合作中, 伊朗同中国签署了相关协定, 作为伊朗驻广州的总领事, 我诚挚的邀请你们到伊朗学习、交流, 希望在未来, 我们共同见证伊中两国在教育、师生交流和文化活动领域进行广泛合作。” 达瑞西总领事谈到。
    “Language is an important tool for communication between peoples in the world. We should try our best to let the young people of the two countries learn each other's languages. Now there are several universities in Iran teaching Chinese, and more than a dozen universities in China also offer Persian language programs. We should further promote exchanges in language field between the two countries. In our promotion of educational cooperation between the two countries, Iran and China signed a number of relevant agreements. As the Iranian Consul General in Guangzhou, I sincerely invite you to study and exchange in Iran. I hope that in the future, we will see more extensive cooperation between Iran and China in the fields of education, teacher-student exchanges and many cultural activities," said Consul General Darvishi.

  陆家荞小记者向达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事介绍自己就读的外国语学校,希望学校与伊朗在文化、教育上有合作

    伊朗是著名的文明古国。几千年来, 勤劳、勇敢的伊朗人民创造了辉煌灿烂的文化,特别是在医学、天文学、数学、农业、建 筑、哲学、历史、文学、艺术和工艺方面都取得了巨大的成就。达瑞西总领事与小记者们分享伊朗的文化和旅游。交流中, 小记者团领队、中外新闻社总裁韦燕说, 因为我本人在伊朗第17届世界媒体展上获得了总统颁发的优秀奖, 所以我想把中外新闻社的智慧和力量贡献给伊朗和中国的友好关系。
    Iran is a famous ancient civilization. For thousands of years, the dedicated and brave Iranian people have created a splendid culture, especially in medicine, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, architecture, philosophy, history, literature, arts and crafts. Consul General Darvishi shared Iran's culture and tourism with the junior journalists. During the interview, Mr. Wei Yan said that because Home and Abroad News Press was awarded the “Outstanding Media” by the President of Iran at the 17th Iran World Media Expo; therefore, we will contribute the wisdom and efforts to strengthen the friendly relations between Iran and China.

    通过在伊朗驻广州总领事馆采访, 我们小记者收获颇丰, 真切地感受到了伊朗外交官的智慧、热情与友好, 使小记者们重新认识了这个历史悠久的国家, 并且表示十分渴望到这个国家参观旅游。
    Through the interview with the Iranian Consulate General in Guangzhou, our junior journalists have learned about Iran and truly felt the wisdom, enthusiasm, and friendliness of Iranian diplomats. They have a new understanding of this long-history country and expressed their desire to visit Iran in the future.

  韦燕总裁同达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事聆听小记者们提问的问题

  达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事幽默、风趣的外交风范给小记者们留下深刻的印象

  丁嘉朵小记者同达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事友好交流

  刘晓燕小记者向达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事赠送健康礼品

  文靖珊小记者向向达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事介绍自己的学校和自己的喜欢的体育项目

  吴战小记者向达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事提问



  伊朗驻广州总领事达瑞西先生(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)向中外新闻社总裁韦燕赠送礼物

  小记者们排队请达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事签名

  小记者们在与达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事玩“自拍”

  伊朗驻广州总领事馆采访小记者收获颇丰,离别时同达瑞西(Mr.Hossein Darvishi)总领事合影

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