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Pakistani Ambassador to China H.E. Mrs. Naghmana Hashmi:
China and Pakistan are true friends in all times

时间:2020-4-16 13:59:02


  中外新闻社总编辑韦燕对话巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)女士

    Over the past few days, leaders of some countries and heads of international organizations have positively commented on China ’s efforts to combat the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak through letters or other means. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, China and Pakistan have been helping and supporting each other to jointly fight against the pandemic. Pakistani President Arif Alvi’s recent visit to China on March 16th once again demonstrated the special friendship between China and Pakistan.

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)积极评价中方为抗击新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情所做努力

    4月15日, 中外新闻社“新型冠状病毒疫情防控—对话各国驻华大使”栏目组来到巴基斯坦驻华使馆,中外新闻社总编辑韦燕一行对话巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳•哈什米阁下。哈什米大使谈到,中巴友谊因两国的务实合作焕发着新的活力。在疫情在全球范围内爆发的时候,一些国家试图用各种政治手段来污名化中国,把新冠病毒叫做“中国病毒”,也在各个场合打压和孤立中国,巴基斯坦立即做出回应,我们的总统及时到访中国,展现了对于朋友,对于兄弟,对于中国人民和政府的支持和关心。
    April 15th, the Home and Abroad News Press “The COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control -Dialogue with the Foreign Ambassadors to China” program came to the Pakistani Embassy in China. Our Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Wei Yan and her team had a good conversation with the Pakistani Ambassador to China H.E. Mrs. Naghmana Hashmi. Ambassador Hashmi said that the China and Pakistan’s friendship has increased vitality because of the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries during this hard moment. When the pandemic broke out in the international community, some countries tried to use various political means to stigmatize China, calling the novel coronavirus as “China Virus” and “Wuhan Virus”, and they also suppressed and isolated China on various occasions. Pakistan immediately responded. Our president paid a state visit to China in time, showing support and care to our true friends, brothers, the Chinese people and the government.

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)女士欢迎到访的中外新闻社总编辑韦燕一行

    记者: 今年1月,一场突如其来的新型冠状病毒感染的疫情在中国爆发,巴基斯坦政府第一时间向中国提供的医疗物资援助,这不仅维护中国人民的生命安全和身体健康,也为维护全球和地区公共卫生安全做出的贡献。捐赠有价,情义无价。患难见真情,现在中国也向巴基斯坦提供援助。请你谈谈最新情况。
    Journalist: In January this year, a sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus broke out in China. The Pakistani government provided medical supplies to China in time. This noble action not only protects the safety and health of the Chinese people, but also contributes positively to the global and regional public health security. Donation with love is priceless. A friend in need is a friend indeed. China is now providing assistance to Pakistan in preventing and controlling COVID-19 in the country. Please share the latest update with us.

    Ambassador Hashmi said that in the past 70 years, China experienced floods, earthquakes, SARS and other natural disasters, as well as the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Pakistan, as an “all-weather strategic partner”, has been firmly standing next to China. The Pakistani government and people have never hesitated, even not for one second, and provided all medical supplies we have in stocks and donated them to China.

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)接受中外新闻社向巴基斯坦捐赠的1000个医用口罩

    Ambassador Hashmi continued that during this pandemic, many Chinese people and enterprises also donated and supported Pakistan, including ventilators, infrared thermometers, N95 masks and other professional anti-epidemic materials. So far, five or six special planes have sent great amount of relief supplies to Pakistan. China also sent a medical support team to Pakistan and help Pakistani medical staffs to fight against the pandemic. The relief and meedical materials received by our embassy have been sent back to Pakistan by two special planes already. The third plane will take these materials back to Pakistan this evening. We also want to express our heartfelt thanks to the Chinese media, humanitarian aid organizations and kind-hearted enterprises for their generosity!


    When meeting with Ambassador Hashmi, Home and Abroad News Press also brought 1,000 medical masks to donate to Pakistan. The Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Wei Yan said that Home and Abroad News Press wants to be a model in the mass media and calls on other Chinese media and enterprises to connect with Pakistan. No matter how the international situation changes, we believe that China will always stand firmly with Pakistan to make China-Pakistan relations as a role model of “building a community of shared future for mankind” through creating better life to the peoples of the two countries.

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)女士代表巴基斯坦政府向中外新闻社回赠礼物

    Ambassador Hashmi thanked Home and Abroad News Press for such long-term friendship and support for Pakistan. Before we completed our interview with her, Ambassador Hashmi presented a wonderful gift to Home and Abroad News Press on behalf of the Pakistani government, wishing the friendship between China and Pakistan to be as firm as a rock for forever!

    The Executive Director Mr. Liu Dengchen, Vice President Ms. Huang Xiaojun, the Press Counselor of the Pakistani Embassy Mrs. Hina Firdous and other officers also sit during the interview.

  韦燕同纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)大使展示刊登有巴基斯坦总理新闻的《中外新闻》杂志

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)会见中外新闻社执行社长刘登臣

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)会见中外新闻社副社长黄晓君

  巴基斯坦驻华大使纳格玛纳·哈什米(H.E.Mrs.Naghmana Hashmi)、巴基斯坦驻华使馆新闻官希娜•菲尔多斯(Mrs.Hina Firdous )同中外新闻社高层欢聚一堂


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